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Happy Birthday Sal!!

Happy birthday Sal (Tiffani ;-))!!!! I've been thinking about you and I hope you are having a wonderful day. Something is in the mail on its way to you now, so I'm really sorry that it will be late, but it will be there!

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Aww thanks Mary-Kate :D

I went out the night before so most of my birthday was spent sleeping ;) But that was wonderful!
Aww, Nick and Nora!! *hugs* you're gorgeous. And I was half-way through the card (hee!) when you started to mention IT and I hastily put down the card and opened before I could be spoiled :p I can't wait to show it off!! So pretty :)
I'm so glad you like it!! I couldn't not buy it when I saw it, and I immediately though of you, my Nick and Nora buddy ;)