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Exciting new DVD news!

Darlings, I don't know if you've heard, but I SO want this box set... Just check out the awesome movies included! Thought I'd give everyone a heads-up... a lot of the films, especially BUB (squeeeee!!!), seem to be making their debuts here, and if not a debut, then it's a nice special-edition type thing (like TPS). Enjoy... =)
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Ooh! *eyes grow wide* :D

Except for the fact that I already own all of them except Dinner at Eight! ;) But what a grand set of films they've picked!
I like :) I love these kinds of glossy, repackaged sets. Shall have to add to my want list! I'm also excited because Double Indemnity is supposed to be getting a new dvd release soon and I'm hoping it will be packed full of extras.